Please post your P.I.C. (personal internal commitment)below.

It does not have to be an acronym. If you feel inclined, please include an explanation of your personal internal commitment and how you were inspired to make that commitment.


blakeblakeblakeblake said...
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Lindsey Kilpatrick said...

Duece has inspired me to find my personal commitment and live it!!! Wow, my life has changed.

Nick Huntington said...

TBOLITNFL has been a life altering experience for Hundreds of people in Countries all over the world.

TBOLITNFL has affected my life in the most profound ways.
Life has NEW Meaning for me - My NEW INNER PERSONAL COMMITMENT has expanded WHO I AM!

In one 1 hour meeting with Steve Hardison, in a room filled with my peers and new friends, we heard the Deuce Lutui story for the first time.

Who I was before 1pm on Wednesday October 6, 2010 and who I am - who I really am at 2:15pm Wednesday October 6, 2010 are light years apart.

That 1 hour was not about football, it was not about Deuce Lutui, it was not about Steve Hardison - it was for me, ALL ABOUT ME!

I am grateful for who I am. I am grateful for who Steve Hardison is and who Deuce Lutui is! I am grateful to all of you who will have your lives changed as you become a part of the TBOLITNFL Movement. I cannot wait to hear your stories.

Since that afternoon I have attracted to me people of influence who I previously considered out of my reach. No one is out of my reach and my influence because of who I am.

God Bless You All - Read the stories - emails from people who have been touched by this remarkable story.

Most importantly - share the new you with all you know! When you set yourself on fire, a crowd will gather.

TBOLITNFL is igniting new meaning - new growth - new drive - new insights - new direction - new passion - new commitment - new relationships - to everyone who embraces the new you!

HURRY GOOGLE - TBOLITNFL -... Yesterday there were 25 results - today there are 33 Results - watch the MOVEMENT GROW!

Chris said...

To see in print how this story has had such a profound impact on so many peoples’ lives and in such a short period of time is truly inspirational. What really sends chills up and down my spine is knowing that this story is just in its’ infinite stages. I no longer feel guilty for allowing the time to pass before sharing this with you. There is no doubt in my mind that things happen for a reason. This story is living proof!

Steve Hardison, you are an inspiration. I am the most fortunate person to have made your acquaintance. To work with your son Blake each day, to have him sharing his insights with my oldest son Shane, and his being for everyone’s greatness within our organization is such a blessing. To both of you and to your selflessness in being of service to every human being you are in the presence of, the world is blessed.

Deuce Lutui, although we have not met, I would like to share this with you. What you have created in your time with Steve Hardison will not only forever change the course of your life, but the course of many for generations to come. Because of your commitment I have been inspired to take action.

I am living from a place of,

I Am- Having fun, being an extraordinary husband, father, friend, business partner, listener, grandson and “in-law”, President and Designated Broker of the #1 Commercial Real Estate Company in Arizona.

I Am-Other peoples’ success.

I Am-Accountable.

I Am-Living a Committed Life.

I Am-Constant and Never-Ending Improvement.

I Am-Integrity.

I Am-Coached by Steve Hardison.

I know there is more. I am open to that possibility. What I say is SO.

Thank you for being who you are Steve. Thank you for sharing what you are with the world. Thank you for taking a stand.

Ofa atu,


PS Deuce, congratulations to you and the Cardinals on your win this afternoon!

Chris Benjamin
The Benjamin Group

Jeff Dinsdale said...

Commitment is what alters the world and creates.

I am conversations that empower and invite love!

I am pure creation!

I am a future Eternal Marriage!

I am coached by Steve Hardison!

I am laughter that opens others to comfortably be who they are!

I am powerful contribution to others noblest visions!

I am humility by acknowledging my need to right my wrongs and be pure service!

I am covenants!

I am unstoppable committment!


Love everyones TBOLITNFL,Sharing it truly creates it!


Jeff Dinsdale
In the Service of the Master Creator

Renee Alberts said...

I can't express the overwhelming feelings that fell upon me as I read your story Deuce! I truly felt the spirit! Thank you for sharing YOU! and being the catalyst for my being...


I AM success

I AM confidence

I AM fearless!

I AM commitment

I AM inspiration

I AM the Mrs Jermaine Alberts

I AM my Heavenly Father's business

I AM Pure Love

Alofa tele
Renee Alberts

Steve said...

How amazing to watch things unfold. On Sept. 7th, 2010 Deuce Lutui made a commitment. He made a profound declaration: I am TBOLITNFL. He lives and plays from his Personal Internal Commitment. He often jokes that TBOLITNFL is "Tongan" for Personal Internal Commitment. I say that no matter what you write TBOLITNFL with (whether it be seashells, cupcakes or whatever) it is still "Tongan" for Personal Internal Commitment. No matter what country or nation you live in Personal Internal Commitment is spelled TBOLITNFL.

I AM that TBOLITNFL and Personal Internal Commitment become part of the fabric of society as a whole and blesses global humanity.

Scottie said...

This story has forced me to go within, to search my soul for who I truly am meant to be. For years, I have avoided stepping into my greatness. I have joked that one of my life mottos is "Reduce frustrations by lowering expectations." I've always seen that as a positive, as how I am able to stay calm in difficult situation. What I have failed to recognize is how debilitating this life perspective is not only on my own life, but on the lives around me. I have been applying the same logic to myself for years - I avoid making commitments so I don't have to live with the consequences of not achieving them. And worse yet, I hold those around me to such a low standard that I practically have placed my foot on their backs to keep them down. I AM NOT THAT PERSON! But I have been for the past few years.

I inspire others. I connect with others. More importantly, I inspire myself. I have the power necessary to accomplish my purpose in this life. Steve, when we first met, I didn't know how to handle the greatness that I felt myself being. What we created together, the powerful connection I felt with my own self...I didn't know what to do with that. I've been scared to accept it. You mentioned something to me. You looked me in the eyes and said (from what I can recall) "You are brilliant. You’ve probably gone through a lot of teachers in your life. You find someone who can challenge you for a while, and then you outgrow them and have to find someone new. Then you outgrow them too. Soon you’re going to run out of people to challenge you. You have to learn to challenge yourself. If you don’t create a world big enough for yourself to play in, you will literally kill yourself."

For two years I've suffered from boredom which stems my own self-destructive belief. I choose. I am in charge of my life. This I know, and this I have experienced. I have taken absolute control over my life in situations and reached outcomes which can only be described as miraculous. No one had ever seen someone else accomplish what I had done. I can achieve what others believe to be impossible, and I do so on a daily basis. That is who I am. TBOLITNFL.

Austin Conaty said...

After reading about Deuce's story I was motivated
to take a close look at who I am and come up with
my own Personal Internal Commitment...

I am a Catholic Christian committed to living my faith,
always improving myself and always grateful for the life I have.

I am inspired by Steve Hardison and his clients especially Deuce Lutui,
Steve Hardison and Michael Neill. I am committed to using their lives
as living examples that personal transformation does happen!

I am committed to being the best husband, father, brother, uncle,
nephew, cousin, friend, student, neighbor, employee, coworker
that I can be.

I am committed to being present and fully engaged where I am and when I am.

I am committed to giving my best at home, at work, and working with others
to inspire them to give their best as well.

I am committed to delivering what I promise.

I am committed to creating a wide open space in the future
that I can live in to, with great possibilities for me, my family,
and others I inspire and am inspired by.

I am committed to getting to know how I can improve any
aspects of myself in an effort to discover how I may best serve
the world.

Krystal said...

I am...
I am health...
I am energy...
I am pure spirit...
I am my word...
I am catalyst for transformation...

I am. It is so.

Colleen Laukka said...

I have been smitten by the spirit of TBOLITNFL and found that sleep was alluding me as I tossed and turned in my bed last night. I had to "turn on the lights" and write until I found the heart of what I desire to stand for and who I want to be in every moment of my life. What would have the most profound effect on my life and contribute to the peace within myself and the world I thought? I wrote until I found the kernel of truth that made my heart sing and brought tears to my eyes...mmmm...It feels so right and so uniquely personal to me and my journey. I would love to stand and declare:
“I am committed to being stillness in action and feeling the beauty of who I am, in all that I do. I am committed to share that beauty with all and see that beauty in all, transforming the world one heart at a time beginning with me.”

May the spirit of TBOLITNFL continue flow like a mighty river through the hearts of men and women across the world, transforming and restoring each to their original splendor.

Colleen Laukka

Nick, Vee, Louise, and Ansel said...

It is amazing how I can be in a small town in British Columbia, Canada and hear of TBOLITNFL I too have been on a journey for years trying to find my P.I.C. I found it! and I love it! I wake up so stoked to put my hands in the earth and live a sustainable life!
I am!
I am Nicholas Peterson
I am the Greatest Husband & Father
I Grow the WORLDS best GARLIC!!!!
I am Sincere

Stephen McGhee said...

The more I share the distinction of TBOLITNFL the more my own personal inner commitment grows. As that clarity becomes expressed in the world it becomes easier to separate what I will not do in my life and what I WILL DO.

It's practical and simple on one hand and on another hand its miraculous. My inner commitment is to irradicate appeasement and to express Stephen McGhee full on. I find great freedom in that "way of being" because its unique to me. As I give myself permission to be more ME those around me experience the same for themselves. I love that about PIC. PIC is liberating to anyone that is touched by it. We all have greatness in us. Its endemic to our nature. It's more natural than being a sloth.

I went to see the movie Secretariat last night. That horse knew he was a great race horse. It would not have been authentic for that horse to finish last. Secretariat ran with no apology because that was his god given talent. I think TBOLTINFL gives all of us permission to run the race of our lives NOW. There is no waiting in it. Its a switch inside that says, why not me? Why not YOU?

Deuce and Hardison and any of us involved in this commitment, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Now, I am running for the roses.



Anonymous said...

I love that McGhee recounted Secretariat. I will also run until my heart explodes. Three more books this 12 month year each one more explosive than the one before it. I am the future of creative transformation. I am creativity unleashed, unbound. Shift my mind, shift the world. Highest gear now.

Deuce executed one of the planet's most powerful mind shifts. Hardison is a Jedi master, it has now been written but it was always so.

My personal internal commitment is to create the clearing for the most transformative forms of creativity the world has seen. And to continuously seek disapproval along the way.

Steve Chandler

Julie Blake said...

Thank you to everyone for your insightful, inspiring and courageous sharing. TBOLITNFL is alive, it is a force, and an energy. The mere mention of it is encouraging many to look deep within themselves and wake up to who they truly are.

It this is not a miracle, I do not know what is.

To read the full story on how I transformed from my PIC from being TBVOPE "The Best Victim On Planet Earth" to my current PIC below, click on this link

My Personal Internal Commitment is SHBSTBOLITNFL “Serving Humanity By Serving TBOLITNFL.”

What if every person planet Earth consciously lived from their PIC?

Can you imagine what kind of world this would be if there were no victims and EVERYONE stopped complaining and started creating?

What if everyone on the planet stopped pretending to be a victim and took 100% responsibility for how they are showing up and who they are Being… no matter what happens externally?

What if there is no “Out There” and peace, freedom and happiness are all INTERNAL EVENTS?

What if everyone in the world WOKE UP and remembered WHO THEY ARE… LOVING, GIVING, SERVING, POWERFUL CREATORS?

What is Your PIC?

James Rosenegk said...

I first came across Deuce's story at a Michael Neill event a couple of weeks ago. Michael then posted Deuce's stroy again in his Weekly Tip last week. Here was my email back to him:

It was great to spend time with you the other week and it was so helpful to read the Deuce Lutui story again today!

My mind has been spinning (in a creative way) since our coaching session and then my follow up 30 minutes with Adrienne. Then today I had a call from my bank to basically keep an eye on my business overdraft. Now I read yesterday’s tip and it reminds me to be TBCCITW (the best change consultant in the world) and when I am him then my overdraft just vaporises and my credit balance soars!!!


Isla said...

Like everyone above, the story of Deuce and his PIC TBOLITNFL seared through the layers of life which shroud who I really am, and blasted pure oxygen into the spark, now fire, which


I am integrity and compassion

I am patience and understanding

I am a force of nature

I am pure creative energy

I am here to serve others with all I am

I am the warmest most loving and nurturing wife, and bursting with love mother to my three beautiful daughters that I can be.

I am courage and gratitude

Brandon T Craig said...

Dear Me:
I am like no other person on this earth. There is no one that can deliver more powerfully than me. I am Power. I am a Committed Husband. I am a Committed Father. I am service. I am Grateful. I am. Love- Brandon T. Craig

Melinda said...

When I heard Deuce's story, I immediately realized how powerful - even transformational it could be to commit to yourself one hundred percent. I took inventory of my life and came up with a declaration of what I wanted my life to be. I already had a list of things I wanted to achieve, but I actually took some of those to the next level. I read over my declaration every morning and have already experienced a shift in the way I see and do some things. I'm grateful for Deuce's dynamic example.

Charrise McCrorey said...

I too have been inspired to look within to discover the deepest of PIC. In so doing, I remembered this quote:

"This is the true joy in life, the being recognized by yourself as a mighty one; the being thoroughly worn out before you are thrown on the scrap heap; the being a force of nature instead of a feverish selfish little clod of ailments and grievances complaining that the world will not devote itself to making you happy.

I am of the opinion that my life belongs to the whole community and as long as I live it is my privilege to do for it whatever I can. I want to be thoroughly used up when I die, for the harder I work the more I live. I rejoice in life for its own sake. Life is no brief candle to me. It is a sort of splendid torch which I have got hold of for the moment, and I want to make it burn as brightly as possible before handing it on to future generations." George Bernard Shaw

I am the splendid torch. I am love. I am committed to delivering myself fully to the world; a powerful and unique Self, unstoppable in my quest to create transformation in myself and others.

I am The Greatest Transformation Coach And Teacher In The World.

Rohini Ross said...

Dear Blake,

Thank you for creating the space to share PICs. The site is so inspirational!


Nick Huntington said...

I am
I am at a level of commitment to God that allows me to know Him, that He is my Father and I am his son. I am a son of God.

I am at a level of commitment that allows me full access to the Atonement of Jesus Christ, I renew my covenants, to follow Him, remember Him and keep His commandments. I have the power of Christ in me. I am a follower of Christ.

I am at a level of commitment that allows me to Create my life because God grants the right to to do so. I am a creator.

I am at a level of commitment to my wife that allows me the joy of love, companionship, friendship, partnership and the knowledge that Kellie is my eternal companion. I am her eternal companion.

I am at a level of commitment that allows me attract to me people who are positive, motivated and likeminded people that are accepting of the life changing affect known as TBOLITNFL.

I am at a level of commitment that allows me to attract people from all walks of life to enjoy the business of marketing the single most significant health and wellness discovery of our lifetime - ASEA. I am TBLAMOTGHAWDOOL - The Best Leader and Marketer Of The Greatest Health and Wellness Discovery Of Our Lifetime!

I am at a level of commitment that allows me to help people achieve their optimal health. I am a provider of OPTIMAL HEALTH.

I am at a level of commitment that allows me to reap the law of the harvest. I reap more than I sow. I Sow and I Reap.

I am at a level of commitment that allows me to want to because I can always resource the how to. I want to.

I am at a level of commitment that allows me to create daily - massive action to accomplish my goals. I ACT!

I am at a level of commitment that allows me to foster the Attitude of Gratitude. I am grateful.

Steve said...


Erika said...

1st I want to start off by saying this is AMAZING !!! So inspiring, so positive, and so motivating. I can say that after reading this it has motivated me more then ever. Truly such an amazing story. Deuce you truly are an amazing person and I am giving my own P.I.C. Love, health, commitment, faith, GOD. So much love to you Deuce!
-Erika Montez

Chris Dorris said...

A couple months ago: "Man, wouldn't it be great if I could figure out a way to live in Manhattan AND here in AZ? Wow, that sure would be awesome. Phew, but that's gonna be tough. Well, we'll see what happens. I'm sure I can pull it off." WEAK.

Now, post-TBOLITNFL...


Since making that commitment a few weeks ago, new miracles are unfolding. Of course. Making the decision is the "ON" switch for the organizing intelligence of the universe.


IDA BOUJIE said...

My P.I.C:

I'm committed to my family
I'm committed to help the one(s) I love
I'm committed to my life and to everyone that surrounds me.

Fred said...

I am partnership: the world is my partner. I am committed to everyone winning.

I am love. I share love with everyone.

I am a clearing for the new model of what it means to be a man in the world.

I am what I give my word to.

I am a loving husband and father.

I am coach and facilitator who listens for and reliably delivers that which makes a real difference in what people are dealing with and what they really care about.

I am a transformation agent.

I make a difference in every moment.

I am committed to peace and having life work.

The world is my coach.

I am whole and complete.

I am that without integrity, nothing works.

John Groberg said...

I AM a Master Teacher of Empowering Truth to Millions. (MTETM)

It's also a palindrome! (same spelled forward or backward).

Through my writing,teaching, coaching, speaking and living I help millions of people all over the world to:
- Liberate their consciousness
- Rewire their brains
- Rebalance and heal their bodies
- Release their past reactive conditioning
- Clarify their thinking
- Find and follow their life callings
- Repair and enrich their relationships
- Automate their successful achievement of what matters to them
- Contribute powerfully to Life

In short- become who they really are instead of who they've believed themselves to be.

That's all.

Anonymous said...

My commitments are inspired by working with Steve Hardison and by hearing the Deuce story. They both helped me realize that my commitments are my life, and that to create the life I want, I must fulfill my commitments as if "my life depends on it".

Here are my Personal Internal Commitments:

I am going to be here for my wife and kids for a long time; my heart is fine
I love and teach Owen
I am a great husband, father, son, brother and friend

I am a highly successful commercial real estate and business advisor
Money finds its way to me
Things go well for me
I speak things into existence
My life is an unspeakably perfect miracle

I am compassionate and helpful
I am very fortunate and blessed
I am a great leader in my community

I see

With Love,


Anonymous said...

A few days ago, I was meeting with my good friend and coach Chris Dorris, a student of Steve Hardison, and we started talking about the TBOLITNFL movement and how it has seemed spread like wild fire.

I took some time and read through all of these posts and comments and they have inspired me to come up with a phrase of my own.

"I am going to be on the PGA tour"

I turned professional in 2005 and up till this point have been competing in a local mini tour here in Arizona. Every year I have competed in the Qualifying school for the PGA tour and have regrettably not made it through to the final stage. I played my way through first stage last week. I will find out where I go to second stage next Tuesday, and when all goes according to plan, I will be going to Florida the first week in December to compete in Final Stage and the opportunity to earn a PGA tour card.

I choose abundance
I choose peace
I choose love
I choose happiness
I choose faith
I choose to create miracles
I choose compassion
I am the greatest son in the world
I am the greatest brother in the world
I am the greatest uncles in the world
I am the luckiest son in the world
I am the luckiest brother in the world
I am the luckiest uncle in the world
I am a student
I am a teacher
I am a professional
I am patient
I am committed
I am blessed
I am grateful
I am perfection
I am strong
I am healthy
I am a miracle
I am infinite possibility
I am instantly and inextricably connected to everything across space time
I am the source of ultimate creativity
I co create with God
I am the entire universe pretending to be human
I give love openly and freely to everyone
I have everything I could ever possibly need
I am the best putter in the world
I am the most accurate driver of the golf ball on tour
I have the best short game on tour

Peace, Love, and Happiness

Jim Pehkonen, Life Architect said...

Steve Hardison spoke about TBOLITNFL in Salt Lake City yesterday. Awesome, Heartfelt, Joyous, Authentic, Possible!!

One of the greatest things I got from yesterday for myself is in deepening the stories which empower me and sharing these with the amazing people around me!!!

When we choose to create empowering stories AND sharing those with those whom we care about, we create it as real in the world. Developing a PIC and keeping it secret (so as to be safe....) is playing small....and if you are reading this, you are not one to play small.....

My Personal Internal Commitment (PIC) –
I am the unstoppable clearing where humanity shifts and creates that which was previously not possible.

My passion is being a Life Architect. My PIC as a Life Architect:
I am the space where people choose to empower their lives, make a difference in life, who are committed to transformation and shift of the life they create. Being present, the space for their greatness arises – naturally, and with ease. People create a life filled with joy, happiness, peace, self~acceptance, and love.

Peace in...Peace Out!!


Nick Smith said...

When asked by Steve Hardison who I would live into being or what I would choose to commit to, I had to think long and hard about what it is I would truly commit to. I didn’t want to use elaborate and meaningless words, but actions and choices I would get to live into, develop and harness.

Who am I or better yet who do I choose to be? There is nothing within me but some natural abilities, as we all have, and a drive to be more. What will I do with the talents I have been given? Will I bury them or hide them from the world? Will I live small and unseen or will I take those talents and add to them? What am I capable of? I have never pushed the limits to find out but I’m willing to give it my all and more. I may not be very good at it at first, but I’m willing to suck at it long enough to get good at it.

What could I do if this is who I am? Everything! These are the words that describe who I choose to be:

I am Nick Smith and I create what did not formerly exist.
I am the greatest husband and father this world has ever known.
I am authentic
I am loved.
I am the world’s greatest change agent; the greatest coach who ever lived.
I am pure.
I am self-reliant.
I am the most sought after public speaker in America.
I am wise beyond measure.
I am without limits.
I am courageous.
I am paid.
I am a leader.
I am my word.
I am transcendent.
I am strong.
I am compassionate.
I am magnificent.
I am awake, conscious and alive; I am present.
I am a miracle maker.
I am joy.
I am pure love.
I am committed to another person’s cause.
I am watched.
I am expert.
I am a giant.
I am a son of the living God, born in greatness, capable of all creation; a literal offspring of the creator of all things both in heaven and the Earth.
I am who I choose to be and I choose miraculous, powerful and full of love.
I am Nick Smith and I am my word!

Jason Westlake said...

The first time I met Steve Hardison I took every word he said seriously. And I made sure I took every word I said to him seriously too. He brought that out in me. It's a space he holds for people. So when I write this I take every word of this commitment very seriously.

My Personal Internal Commitment is to hold the space of possibility that others can show up in. By possibility, I mean belief, faith and that all things are possible. I mean I hold the space for others to begin believing again, to see the possibility within themselves.

Holding this space means continuing to cultivate the possibility within me. Holding this space means to see in others what they do not yet see and create the space where they can see it too.

Seeing possibility where you used to see none is miraculous.

My other commitment is to see this happen by creating the space for 10 Coaches to attract their first clients and get their businesses off the ground. I'm drawn to infuse hope into those who are struggling and who doubt themselves as I doubted myself for many years at points.

I am the purveyor of belief, hope and possibility. Because I knew what it was like to NOT believe and to NOT have hope in myself. I've since experienced that all things are possible, and it is my Personal Internal Commitment to bring possibility to those who are willing to experience it.

Tyler Garns said...

I am a son of God. I recognize that nobility within me and the responsibility that comes with it. I have a desire and propensity to do what is right – as evidenced by my choosing God’s plan in the preexistence and on earth. I want to serve God in all that I do and dedicate my life to building His kingdom. I have unwavering faith and I look to my Heavenly Father for guidance in all I do.

I am a loving father and husband. I enjoy spending time with my family, encouraging and uplifting them. All that I do in life is with the purpose of providing for, teaching, and showing an example to my family.

I am an inspired problem solver. My quick, keen, and alert mind was given to me, in part, to figure out how to take Infusionsoft to $50MM. I have a powerful ability to put into operation the ideas conceived in my mind. I have the ability to consolidate complex ideas and package and represent them well. My mind is always curious and inquisitive and I’m continually searching for a better understanding of human nature.

I am an independent, free-thinker, who makes accurate decisions based on the continual mental recording of information through observations, experiences, reading, and listening.

I work in a rocket launch style with intense energy, competitive spirit, and an ambitious desire to win. I am a locomotive-like force that is inner-directed, self-initiated, steady, steadfast, and tenacious.

I have a warm smile and a firm handshake. I have a friendly, empathetic, and persuasive way of dealing with others. I exhibit self confidence and independence and I desire to engender those traits in others. I am a pleasant and calm person, never letting stresses or worries cause me to flail or waiver in my convictions. I am tolerant, helpful, and I seek to create peaceful, friendly, and orderly environments for people. I am skillful in teaching, motivating, and developing others. I am influential and convincing. I am always positive, optimistic, and inspiring.

I have a burning desire to live with perfect obedience.

I am a Garns. With that comes a legacy of untiring hard work and righteousness. I will uphold that legacy throughout mortality. I will be true to myself in all that I do.

Thank you Steve and Deuce for your inspiring examples.












Steve said...

I Am

Anonymous said...

At 9 pm, Wednesday, October 27th a miracle happened. That miracle couldn't have occurred if Duece didn't make the decision he did on September 7th. As a result of that decision and the miracle of the night of the 27th, my life is profoundly different. This is my version of TBOLITNFL, and a testimonial to the infinite organizing intelligence of the universe that's activated by choosing to live an ALL-IN life!

To hear the whole story go here:

Anonymous said...
























You have all inspired me to be what I AM.

Loving you,
Julia Kuulani

Kent Baker said...

Created: October 30th 2010

The best husband, one that respects, honors, loves, laughs, cry's, explores, creates, empowers, excites, enjoys his time and grows with his wife Michelle. A man that truly supports his wife and what she believes in, a man that gives his wife the beach house she has always dreamed of having and a man that loves his wife unconditionally.

The best father, a father that creates time for his kids, loves them unconditionally, supports them in whatever they pursue, is there for them whenever they need him, allows them to grow and learn from there mistakes, a father that is firm but considerate of their space, a daddy that loves being a daddy to three amazing children.

The best business leader, one that shares his knowledge with anyone in need, one that empowers and moves others to be the best that they can be in there work, one that provides service in the purest form, one that has no past memory of why he should not call someone or enroll someone. Kent starts new today in business and he creates everything forward from here. He listens to people when they speak and he creates the space for people to listen to him when he speaks.

The best friend, one that treats all with respect and dignity, a man that surrounds himself with positive influence for the well-being of his family and their growth. A friend that will give the shirt from his back for a friend. My friends admire and feel empowered by being with me. I make the feel good about themselves.

The best son, brother and uncle, one that calls on every birthday, one that sends loving gifts out of the blue, one that empowers them to be the best, one that supports whomever they are or whatever they choose to be, one that is always available to listen and one that loves them more than they know.

The best health, a health that I have never felt before, a health that leaves me full of energy and well-being. A health that leaves me with energy at the end of the day to play with my kids, a health and fit state that leaves my wife saying wow, this dude is smoking hot.

The best spiritual leader, a man that no longer hides behind the fear of speaking of God publicly. A man that provides service to his community and his childrens schools with pure service in mind. A man that shares the word of God through his actions with others and the words he speaks.

Let the above words be written, spoken and placed into the deepest part of my heart and soul on this 30th day of October 2010 and let me share this commitment with all.

Tomorrow I will awaken a different man and so it shall be, the recreated 46 year old, Kent David Baker.

michelle said...

i've been searching for a change, for the better, in my life recently & have had internal battles with myself on exactly how to find it. thanks to jeff dinsdale for sharing TBOLITNFL with me, i have.

i am a daughter of god
i am HAPPY!
i am who i am
i am contagious laughter
i am comfortable
i am humble
i am an example & influence to those around me
i am the best daughter, sister, friend, cousin, granddaughter, niece, employee, acquaintance
i am open minded
i am teachable, coachable, approachable
i am loving & lovable
i am determined & driven
i am forgiving
i am inspired
i am committed!

life as i know it can only get better.

thank YOU,
michelle renberg

Anonymous said...

Deuce you are a Legend! Steve is the ultimate Coach!

I am Faithful as Abraham, Isaac & Jacob
I am Truth, as it is, will be and to come
I am honour
I am Humility as the dust of the earth
I am Righteousness unfeigned
I am Diligence until fruition
I am Good Cheer
I am consideration & kindness
I am Prayerful
I am Christlike Service
I am exact in executing my duties and responsibilities
I am never-ending desire & willingness
I am my word.

Every conversation is my training ground!
this is only the beginning!

Love your brother

Jermaine Alberts

Elese Coit said...

This is my commitment: to write the most self-honest account of a life ever written so that others can draw hope, healing and insight of their own from the life of another.

Elese Coit

Christie McKenzie said...

Like so many others, the story of TBOLITNFL was truly life shifting for me! I am extremely grateful and blessed by everyone involved in sharing this beautiful message, starting with Steve Hardison and Deuce Lutui! It's amazing and mind blowing how one guy can be somewhere working on himself, and that shift he experiences ends up shifting many others across the globe! This experience truly shows how our actions really do affect people around us and not just the ones we know.

Thank you Julie Blake for your vision in having the TBOLITNFL event in SLC and to Colleen Lakkau for being such a beautiful angel in assisting Julie in making all of this possible, along with countless others that have contributed selflessly!

Here are my PICs:

I AM committed to being the best female transformational coach in the world where clients discover their own personal empowerment to achieve unlimited possibilities through their own commitments!!

I AM committed to providing my services through the referrals of other's experiences and allowing myself to be blessed so those that I serve may be blessed as well.

I AM committed to allowing abundance to flow into my life with learning that there is no reason to live with worry or fear. The Universe IS abundant and wants to bless each of us with gifts through many channels. I AM committed to keeping my channels free and clear so abundance can flow freely!!

I AM committed to serving young and old, poor and wealthy, and sick and healthy through programs that I began creating years ago. I know each person I attract into my life is there for a reason to teach me, give me continual growth opportunities, and bring me blessings that will allow me to take these gifts and pay them forward.

I AM committed to attracting likeminded people into my life, including those that have always appeared as "untouchable." Each of these people will allow me to further grow outside any comfort zone that may try to grow up around me and keep me challenged so that I may be so much more than I ever previously imagined!

I AM committed to having healthy loving relationships in every aspect of my life. Every relationship will be a beacon for others in realizing what they can claim for their lives through the power of commitment.

I AM committed to giving to others so that they can find healing and blessings once again in their lives and will one day be able to carry that forward to giving to others along their path. Spreading goodness throughout the world like a uncontrolled wildfire!!

I AM committed to receiving gifts from the Universe through others! I have realized that not accepting these gifts is not allowing the person that is giving them to have their blessing. I will commit that from this day forward to graciously accept these gifts, allowing myself and others to be blessed.

I AM committed to being confident in knowing who I am, what my capabilities are, and finding assistance/guidance whenever I become stuck and don't know how to handle a particular challenge that stands in my path.

I AM committed to having FUN in my life once again and finding a healthy balance in all that I do!! Knowing each day brings wonderful gifts of new opportunities and beauty!! I AM committed to LIVING IN THE PRESENT!!

I AM committed to continue working on myself to reach optimal health in mind, body and spirit!! I AM committed to be completely asthma free and achieve a healthy weight before my 40th birthday in March!! I AM committed to being One with God and the Universe which brings me great peace and happiness!!

I AM committed to constantly strive towards accomplishing my goals and overcoming challenges no matter how impossible they may seem. I AM committed to continually growing and living fearlessly. Realizing that doing those things that are uncomfortable allows me the most amazing growth!


I AM committed to sharing this story with every person I encounter!

~ Christie :-)

David Wetmore said...

I have struggled mightily with TBOLITNFL, struggled to define myself moving forward. I have over-thought it, forgot about it, and rationalized my deference towards it for two months. What I know is that I can't define myself by what I might become, I have to define myself as I now am. I am a unique, perfect, powerful expression of God, of Love, right here, right Now. I am the source of all the Love there is and my purpose is to allow that Love to flow through me into everything I experience. As Love flows through me, I am TEOGMITW, the Essence of God Manifest In The World.

I am That, I am.

Tony Shoffner said...

My commitment.

I am knowing what I want, belief I can create it, going for it and getting it done.

I am certainty of what I have to give, passionate sharing, full expression of self and empowering.

I am unwavering belief in others, a stand for them going for what they want, a clearing for their power to create it, to their contribution to others, to their commitment in going for it and giving it away.

I am freedom, love and light for everyone.

Vladimír said...

TBOLITNFL inspiration arrives to Czech Republic!
I made commitment and I felt the power. What was before is not important any more. I am awake. So easy. Amazing what Commitment can do…
• I am the best coach my clients can ever get
• I am the best father for my great son, I am the best husband, I am the best friend
• I am learning from the best in the world and share
• I am happy, fearless and powerful
• I am going to share Douce Lutui powerful story with at least 1 mil people in Czech Republic

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

My PIC updated and upgraded:


The most creative and productive transformational author/speaker alive today.

This commitment guides my day and my actions,
what I say YES to and what (and who) I say NO to.

Thank you Deuce for creating such a big hole for all of us to run through.

Steve Chandler

Sarah Eileen said...

Thank you Hardison Family, Thank you Deuce

Tony Shoffner said...

Inspired by Chandler to add power and specificity to my PIC, this is who I am.


The Best And Most Powerful Transformational Coach in Washington.

Anonymous said...

Kendall Colman
MY PIC is Holding a Positive Vision for Humanity

I will affirm that never before have so many people joined in prayer and focused their collective will on love, unity, and a better world for all. Even though I may not see the results on the evening news -- the inner work and prayers, are making a difference.

I am the conduit and lighting the way for a better world - for leaders, for my family, neighbors, associates and all who enter my life.

When disturbing world events occur, I will use my imagination to picture the eventual positive outcome.

Rather than focus on how bad things are, I will hold a vision of the possibilities of transformation that exist in every area of life.

I refuse to live in fear or to energize negative scenarios and will gracefully not tolerate the expression of negativity from those I love.

I see that humanity is awakening.

My commitment to expressing love is the greatest gift I can give at this time. Having love and compassion for myself as well, and treating myself kindly.

I demonstrate this commitment fluidly, as I am the most aligned, effective, authentic, graceful, poised, honest, and courageous coach in all of Colorado and beyond. I am a fully expressed business owner, elegantly grounded and balanced in feminine values.

Anonymous said...

Kaha'u O Tonga, Kaha'u O America, Kaha'u O The World

Malo Aupito Mashi Deuce

Ofa Lahi Aupito

A Higa
(Church College of Hawaii)

AGG said...

Today, from half the world away in the Philippines, I heard the Deuce Lutui Story for the first time before 3am and thanked God for this Divine Appointment! I do not know yet my PICs as I have to go to the "upper room" within me to list them, but I do know this early that it will make me soar like an eagle for God, for my 5 kids, my father,my family,for my country and others! Today is the official start of my 2011 work after resting from and assessing 2010 and planning for 2011 since January 1st and yet just before I came across this story I was in doubt and was asking God..."Am I really prepared for 2011? Did I miss anything from You that You want me to take as I live 2011?" And He answered me and talked to me through the Deuce Lutui Story! Now I know I did miss a wonder I have been hearing in my heart the words "focus on your inner self" the past 2 weeks.All doubts erased,all questions answered....I am excited to do my PIC!!! I asked for sure-footing for 2011 and He gave me sure-footing for life! I am committed to find the "Duece Lutui" in me and help others find theirs because I believe that each one of us was created with that seed in us!
To my IMPaX coach Brenda Bryers-Im, thank you for sharing this video with Eric Lofholm for sharing the video with Brenda thanks Espie Agbayani my friend and Successful Thinkers coach, thank you for introducing me to Brenda...thank you to Steve Hardison for sharing with us his Deuce Lutui experience, to Pua Lutui and their children for sharing with us and the world your husband and father, to Deuce Latui for obeying God and allowing Him to use you mightily by taking that initial step to impact this world...and for God Almighty for communicating with me through this story!!! With renewed hope...spirit refreshed...I hope to do my part in this TEAM! I am one of your players,you are all my coach, GOD owns our TEAM!!!
Forever grateful to all of you....
God bless,
Tina Pecson-Garcia
Team Deuce, Philippines

Eric Lanigan said...

I will hold the space for people's genuine inner commitments to surface and then seep into the fleshy tables of their hearts.

Ofa atu

IcyBear said...

Just last night, I was listening to a Cd on Time Management by Eric Lofholm and he said on it, "completion is far more important than perfection". He went on to say that for perfectionists, this is the most important lesson in the series. I believe that he is right, and also that statement came directly from God. All these things created the Perfect Storm to showing me what it was that I was missing, I had to be shown over and over in various ways for this single thought to penetrate - I am Enough, God makes me more than enough. I can achieve anything I put my mind to and I am capable of putting plans into action to create my reality. Trials will come, but I have the assurance of victory over them. I wasn't able to finish this in one sitting so I went home and prayed about what exactly to put here last night, and I feel this sums it up best.

Armed with that statement I know that whatever it is I feel is my purpose is not wrong, it may change in the future, but that's okay. I'll still plow ahead with what I feel is my direction for the moment. And so that brings me back to the PIC. The first two parts are somewhat easy Personal - It must be tailored to me. Internal - It must come from deep within, a natural desire. Commitment - Laying it on the line, making a statement of this is who I am to the world, or even a part of it. Historically, this has been the most difficult and I can tell you right now I even feel nauseous and I have a killer headache which means I am encountering incredible resistance from my mind and body right now. The reasons, once again as stated above - also tells me I'm going in the right direction. . I'm committing to something, not giving myself permission but fully devoting myself to the purpose of doing the greatest good I can, for others and for my God. And also, because it exposes me, for all the world to see. I'm not one to take that sort of thing likely. Even now, I'm forcing out of my mind thoughts of what others might think, what they might say, how I will feel, on and on and on.

The alternative however is to squander my god-given gifts, hide who I am, retreat from the world, stay comfortable, make a minimum impact - never be remembered. That's not what I want for my life, and now, I believe I was called to be much more. Based on what I have learned previously elsewhere, I tried to make some of my commitments measurable. So, without further ado, here is my PIC and who I am from this day forward:

I AM Among the Top 10 Artists on I have over 100 million page views


I AM A Master at capturing my imagination & sharing it with the World

I OWN a successful Art, Game, and Design Studio.

I AM Driven, focused, and consumed by my passion and vision.

I AM 170lbs, attractive, fit and full of energy every day.


I AM A Servant leader, a great friend | A wonderful husband, a passionate lover

I AM A Best-Selling Writer & Illustrator

I AM A talented actor, musician, digital composer

I AM Pursuing Peace and Righteousness with all men. Blameless before the LORD by his grace.

I AM Making a six figure income.

I AM Married to a beautiful, talented, God-fearing woman

Thanks to Deuce and Steve and thanks to all of you.

God Bless,

Ian Barefoot
Grand Junction, Colorado

Franzi Ng said...


The Best Transformative Healer Coach Alive.

Thank you, Duce Lutui, for helping me find that and live it.

Tatiana said...

In the matter of days, my whole life has been transformed, thanks to Deuce's story.

I am THPIGDITW - the highest-paid information graphics designer in the world.

Payment is not just money. Payment could be the influence on people's lives. Information graphics do just that. (

This P.I.C. informs every action I take, and every thought I tell myself. I wish I could say it better in words, but you will see it in my graphics.

Janella said...

I am a close relative of Lutui, and sad to say, but I had to find out ALL the way in NZ about this wave of change! I am so happy people outside of blood relation have come to know the amazing talent and spirit of "Deuce." I hope we all "ignite the fire within" each of us.

Ofa Lahi Atu, cousin
and love to you all...

Seth and Desiree said...

Deuce, Thanks for your story, I have blogged it and shared it with all our clients!
I'm making my own commitment!

Mrs TBOLITNFL said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Steve said...

Deuce has created his own PIC statement. To read it go to Deuce's Team ( TBOLITNFL) AND CLICK ON "Discussions" at the top of the FB page, then scroll down to his PIC.

Donald (Donnie) Gritten Jr. said...

Tusi, 1of 3

I have been following you on I love it man... I have always looked up to you, figuratively and literally speaking. Lol... I felt compelled to write you, something very personal that I don’t share outside of my super close friends and family. In fact it has taken me a few days to put this all together. You are my brother, an on going inspiration and a light for change to many. My hope is that you will read this and see how much you and your story has inspired me to make a personal internal commitment. Though we lead different lives and our journeys are unique to each individual, the story ends up the same.

My little story begins in my Jr high years. Until then I was oblivious to life and what was happening around me. I lied about my home life often ,through most of my childhood and through my teenage years. Most of my life was very hard for me to deal with. My father was a drug addict/dealer in our house. My mother was emotionally unstable from the mental and physical abuse that came from my addict father. It wasn’t long before I, myself, became a dirt bag drug user on a large scale.

I held down a full time job starting at the age of 14. I had to work hard to help my mother pay bills. Due to the time committed for my job and then adding on the the drug use, needless to say this all effected my academics. In my Jr year I found it very difficult to continue high school with everything that was going wrong in my life, so... I dropped out. I replaced my drug habit cold turkey with a work ethic that as far as I am concerned was unmatched. I worked super hard on everything I did all the time; morning until night. I became a store manager of a local brake and oil change franchise at the age of 17. That helped me understand, early on, how to lead people. Other than that and working all the time, I walked around lost in life. The only thing that was consistent in life, was my beautiful supportive girlfriend who is now my wife. I could work hard all day long and have no money but enjoy the idea of just having a job.

I have been blessed with street smarts and the ability to relate to anyone, anytime, on any level. With no high school diploma and very little college education under my belt, my options were very limited, so I thought that the U.S. Army Reserves was a good choice. I found out within a month of signing my contract with the Army, that Whitney, the love of my life was pregnant with our first child. Trying to cope with the stress of having my own family, I got orders from the Army for boot camp. I left June of 2003 for boot camp and found out very fast that the military wasn't my passion. The military straightened me out a little, gave me the ability to drive on no matter what and find motivation from nothing. The bad traits I came home with was a don’t care attitude and little compassion for anyone or anything.

Directly after graduating from Boot Camp my son was born and I knew I had to find a career that I could support a new family with. I swore I would be the best father to my son Benjamin born December of 2003, than my parents could have ever been. I swore to be the best husband and provide a future that my new family could be proud of.

Thankfully a short time after my son was born I began working for my wife’s family business. I now had the opportunity to make something of myself, well, at least better than what I could do on my own.
Fast forward 3 years and the Lord blessed our family with a beautiful baby girl Emma. During those few years I was learning how to be a father and husband. Unfortunately, I was lacking solid parental guidance, so needless to say I missed the mark often. I learned a ton about businesses in those 3 years. I learned what not to do in business and what was a fast track for business success. Around the same time I became a Sergeant in the Army. Best leadership, mentoring and motivational school in the world, bar non. As a Sergeant I learned how to deal with every personality trait known to man, efficiently.

Donald (Donnie) Gritten Jr. said...

2 Of 3
Over time I made a name for myself through my in-laws business. I gained priceless knowledge about every aspect of business and in turn I became a successful business consultant. I developed relationships and through those relationships I helped others build successful businesses. Then those business owners became millionaires because of my knowledge and guidance!!! I Made Millionaires!!! I was on point, an unstoppable force, the best of the best, at everything I did. Finally, after living a life of lies to hide my past, I now had the credentials and the relationships of powerful people. I thought that I was at the top of my game and it was all about ME and what I built. There was no way this train would ever stop...

But the truth is, I was still that same dirt bag from high school. The two differences were I didn’t do drugs anymore and I could afford to have clean clothes. On the outside I projected a cool, collected, successful person that makes millionaires. But inside I was a mess and had been a mess since I was about 14. The lies I told about my childhood and about where I came from and what I have been through were still there. I held on to the idea that it is impossible for someone as influential as myself to have looser parents that couldn’t hold jobs to save their lives and the concept of a savings account was to build up enough money to buy a carton of cigarettes. I thought if I told people the reality of my childhood and lack of background, success would just fade away and attach itself to the someone who had a clean background. On top of all that my new family that I love so very much, was suffering horribly with out the presence of the husband and father I swore to be. I was working 14 – 16 hrs a day 6-7 days a week and was making peanuts. I was lying to myself that I was a successful man and the pride I held for that facade was killing my relationship with God, family and in the end my business. I constantly was pretending to be someone I was not. My status came from the success of others, not my own. I had convinced myself that I could fake it till I make it. I would make mistakes and try to make them just go away, as if I was to good to be wrong. How could someone who helps make millionaires be wrong or make a mistake? Some of those mistakes have effected lives far beyond what I was willing to admit. I was the poster child for narcissism. I didn’t like myself and continued to lie about who I am. It got to the point where I hated my own name. I developed a world that I could be happy with between the hours of 6am and 10pm. Anytime before or after that was a bitter reminder of who I was not. The sum of it all is that I was the lie I thought I had to be, to be successful.

May 05, 2010 was the worst day and the most victorious day of my life. It was the worse because all my pride, arrogance and lies came crashing down on me and exploded like a nuke. I lost my job and what I thought was my career. I lost everything I thought made me who I was. On that day, I lost a lot of people I thought were trust worthy friends. I destroyed those relationships I built my reputation on and so called success around. In addition to that it even looked like I was going to loose my wife and children.

Donald (Donnie) Gritten Jr. said...

3 of 3
The victory came from the fact that I no longer had to be someone that I was not and that I hated. It took a few days for the shock of everything to wear off. As the shock wore off and depression kicked in, I went on a poor me kick. That, thank goodness, didn’t last very long. I am now free to begin the process to discover who I really am. On that day I had nothing, no options except to start over. I came to a place of peace and acceptance. Everything I have done to myself and to others I except full responsibility. From that point on I have gone through this fantastic self discovering journey. In addition to all that, with the good Lords blessing I am able to rebuild an incredible relationship with my wife and children. In August of 2010 our 3rd blessing, baby Bella came into this would. It was a sign of a new beginning.

Tusi, you and I have known each other for a long time. I believe we were close through a good portion of high school. As my life was getting worse our relationship dwindled dramatically along with the relationships with others that you and I hung around. I often would see you around campus and wish I could have been closer friends with you. I thought that the influence of a team atmosphere you belonged to and friends like you and those you hung around, would have been the influence that I needed. I continue to admire you and all the positive impact you have had on others. I am very inspired by you and how your life changing decisions has impacted so many. I am one of them... Your story doesn’t stop here it keeps going, and we all get to witness the AWESOME impact that your story has on peoples lives. Our lives have gone in extremely opposite direction with almost everything we have done in life. Yet through individual life experiences our paths at this point end up eerily parallel.

Donald L. Gritten Jr. is a man and a name to be proud of. I vow to myself in front of the Lord above, that I will do everything to continue the change in me. To be the humble life force that will attract relationships, to lead a purposeful life and to be a mentor that is second to none. Success will now be a byproduct of my passions and deeply personal commitment. I commit myself to the Lord, my family and building a living legacy. I am the ultimate loving and active father, that all 3of my beautiful children deserve. I am the husband that loves his wife like Christ loves the church.

I have found my passions, purpose and core principals through life trials and experiences that I hated so much. These experiences have allowed me to be who I am today and gave me the determination and skill I require to be successful and help others to do the same. Only this time I do it the honest way. I now own and operate a business that specializes in serving others. In addition I have co-founded an organization focused on developing leaders and building legacies through community, for generations to come. I have found my Passion is helping others and that is where my Personal Internal Commitment has made its home. Even though I am not The Best Offensive Linemen In The National Football League, I am very proud to say “I AM Donald L. Gritten Jr. and I AM TBOLITNFL.”

Ofa Lahi Atu Tuonga'ane

Donald L. Gritten Jr.
Legacy, Tax & Benefits Consultant
Mailing Address - P.O. Box 99 Higley, AZ 85236

Amy said...

I am posting this for Shanti Zimmerman:

THIS is my Personal Internal Commitment..get ready..the flood gates have opened!

I am FULLY present in EVERY moment

I am love.

I am loved. I am worthy. I am magnificent.

I am the change.

I am abundance.

I am truth.

I am freedom.

I am wealth.

I am intuition.

I am understanding.

I am one of the greats.

I am the best at what I do, I get results, I change lives.

I am a divine servant.

I am gorgeous in every way.

I am healing.

I am health.

I am a great cook.

I am the leader. I am the example.

I am a wonderous light that shines bright for all to see. Shining light where there once was darkness.

I am influence. I touch many lives.

I am inspiration.

I am family.

I am compassion. I am integrity.

I am committed to showing my children what an extraordinary human being is by being that very human being. I am committed to nurturing them into being themselves, whoever they choose to be. I am committed to being the mother they choose before they ever arrived here through me.

I am committed to the love of my life, the man of my dreams, the partner on my journey home. I am committed to being the most glorious woman in all my femininity for him and for myself.

I am committed to that which is divine in all of us. I am committed to God and the universe and to the ECK.

I am the greatest love on earth.(GLOE)

Electra said...

I AM an empowering, radiant, nurturing, creative, spiritual & resourceful woman.

I AM a loving wife to Mills and an adoring mother to Mills and Nicholas.

I AM a caring daughter, sister, & friend.

I use my talents and gifts in service. I AM a cheerful giver.

I appreciate my family, my health, and I’m grateful to God for all my blessings.

I love my life and I show up fully.
I strive to be a good steward of my time, talents & energy.

I smile & the world smiles back at me. I AM worthy. I spread lovingkindness wherever I go.

I provide value to the world by holding the space in my heart for my evolving consciousness as well as the collective consciousness of humanity.

I AM proactive and take inspired action.

I AM actively seeking my purpose & I want to fulfill God’s plan for my life.

I let my inner light shine and I choose to be a “forklift” and lift others up~ to encourage, inspire & cheer them on and remind them of their greatness.

I AM learning to let go of stories I create that don’t serve me.

I AM committed to living a joyful, passionate, extraordinary life.

I AM committed to physical & mental wellbeing and peace of mind. I AM mindful.

I AM excited to learn and I love my inquisitive and curious nature.

I AM open to receive the divine wisdom of my intuition.

I AM committed to diligently, patiently, persistently and playfully advance in the direction my heart leads me.

I enthusiastically embrace the challenge of juggling my entrepreneurial pursuits & my commitment to my family.

I AM seeking clarity on my heart path & want to channel my life force into the highest & best use of my God given potential.

Harold L said...

Thanks to this inspirational Deuce video, I hereby commit to become the best inspirational speaker in the world!
Harold L

Soness Stevens said...

Hi! My name is Soness Stevens. I live fully with intention a global life that many dream of, and yet I want to create more for others.

Thank you for sharing and spreading this story. Here is my Personal Internal Commitment:

I am committed to the service of others sharing their mastery.

I am committed to my God.

I am integrity.

I am divine love.

I am a future eternal wife and mother.

I am committed to working remotely by March 31, 2012.

I am an entrepreneur.

I am the best bus driver on stage.

I am the best friend.

I am the best listener.

I am the best consultant.

I connect with international audiences like no one else in the world.

I am the best presenter and speaker in the world.

I am the clearest writer in my community.

I am committed to living the life that I teach.

I am committed to living my future right now.

I am compassion.
I am the best character.

I am global.

I take the best care of myself.

I am the only SONESS

Steve said...

340 BMW

Danny, Kava Kreation said...




David Garhart said...

David Garhart


I am the best husband and Father!

I am making positive changes in my life and the lives of others.

I am acheiving all of my goals. I am making my outer beauty match my inter beauty!

I am a person people want to be around.

I am a person that inspires other people to be their best!

I am making a difference in the world!

Peter Demers said...

I came to this site by way of a new friend, Steve Chandler. We met only recently, so if it is too presumptuous to call him a friend, I can change it to hero.

When I got to this site I wasn't sure I was in the right place. I don't even know how the game of football is played. I know that one team wants the ball to go to one side of the field and the other team wants the ball to go to the other side. That much, I get. And when someone compares the size of something to the size of a football field, I have an idea of what they mean.

After reading everything here, I understood.

Some thoughts came to me. One was "You don't have to believe in yourself until you know who you are." Then you know.

I Am the Love that created me.
I Am the product of all the kindness, grace, and understanding given to me.
I Am here because of the guidance of Spirit and all the angels sent to me.

When I saw the video of Steve Hardison, more thoughts, but I'll just say they were amazing.

Thank you.

Yomi said...

I am a supermodel.
I use my inner and outer beauty to inspire women worldwide.

I am a warrior.
I use this gift of life to share the wonderful blessings I have been given.

I am unstoppable. I am a visionary. I am love. I am joy. I am jack of all trades master of all.

Deuce Lutui said...

My renewed commitment as TBOLITNFL is to BMW 340. This will uplift all of my many commitments that are still locked in. I have worked so much on my mind that now my commitment is to my body.


andrea said...

I am a coach and an eternal student of coaching. I came to this site by way of a course on commitment and trying. I must say that after watching the video I immediately went to research all of Deuce Litui's victories and found that this has not been the best season for him with weight issues etc. I immediately began to judge him...and then I realized, I not Deuce was coming from the wrong place. It was not about his victories or challenges it was about me and my commitment.
Here I stand to be the best Business/Executive Coach, College Professor, Mother, and devoted Buddhist in Brooklyn NY!! I do my work on purpose, I mother my kid with joy and understanding, I manage my health with care and focus and I lead others by raising my sword of victory daily. Thank you Deuce and Steve and everyone for keeping me mindful!!!

andrea said...

I am a coach and an eternal student of coaching. I came to this site by way of a course on commitment and trying. I must say that after watching the video I immediately went to research all of Deuce Litui's victories and found that this has not been the best season for him with weight issues etc. I immediately began to judge him...and then I realized, I not Deuce was coming from the wrong place. It was not about his victories or challenges it was about me and my commitment.
Here I stand to be the best Business/Executive Coach, College Professor, Mother, and devoted Buddhist in Brooklyn NY!! I do my work on purpose, I mother my kid with joy and understanding, I manage my health with care and focus and I lead others by raising my sword of victory daily. Thank you Deuce and Steve and everyone for keeping me mindful!!!

Nadine Morris said...

I am for everyone commitment to Freedom.

I am commitment to my kind
(as a Friend once said:)
I am law only for my kind / I am no law for all

I am a North Wind to ripe figs.

I am disciple of no one.

I am angel and demon.

I am sovereignty.

I am a herald of the lightning and the great night.
I birth the Overman.
I give and facilitate the best care for and thriving of our two Overchildren. ;-)

I am great passionate enduring marriage with my Love.
I am generating wealth.
I am natural home building.
the Web: I swim in sonic majesty.
I am embedded in the creative webs of my peers;
I generate audience for their genius.

I am commitment to my own Iconoclastic visions.
I am the earth, the elements, the plants and their prophecy.
I am emptiness annihilating
I am no (wo)man, I am dynamite!

(:) now I am light, now I fly, now I see myself beneath myself, now a god dances through me ~

Francine said...

Yesterday I had a brief "encounter" with Steve Hardison over lunch which woke me up. Today I watched the TBOLITNFL video and I feel like I have been launched. I've known something very important was missing and if I had been asked if I was committed I think I would have answered "yes". But that was only a concept. I feel returned to what true commitment really is. And I am deeply grateful.

I AM the best Relationship Expert in the country.

I AM committed to "Ending Suffering in Relationships".

I AM safety and compassion

I AM loving and caring

I AM generous

I AM the perfect partner for the luckiest guy in the world.

I AM a great friend, a great mother and a great grandmother.

I AM successful beyond measure

I AM grateful!

steve chandler said...

My Personal Internal Commitment is my new book's name WEALTH WARRIOR. I am the Napoleon Hill of the modern age. I create wealth for other people with my coaching, training, audios and books. I am a soldier of fortune, and a warrior of wealth. A spiritual mercenary. I transform sales teams, fundraisers, small businesses and individuals in personal coaching and consulting practices by teaching them 100 Ways to Create Wealth (my previous book on this subject). I regularly draw strength from Deuce Lutui and our mutual coach Steve Hardison and share that strength with my clients and the world. WEALTH WARRIOR is not out yet (coming soon) but it IS the bestselling of all my (32) books and it FLIPS the mindset of the victim to the mindset of an OWNER OF THE HUMAN SPIRIT.

cy said...

My Personal Internal Commitment: I am the world's best husband. I am the world's best father. I am there for my daughter when she wants me to see her dance recital. I am there when she wants to have a tea party or fly her kite. I am there for my wife when she would like a foot rub. I will dance with my wife even when I don't know how, just to show how much I love her. I am COMMITTED to living in the now and being fully present to the best of my awareness. My daughter is only 4 years, 2 months, and 12 days old ONCE. I make it possible to be here for this moment because I CREATE my life. When my wife talks to me, I listen; not because I am always interested in the topic, but because I am interested in her. I love her with all of my heart and soul. I constantly read books on how to improve myself daily in all areas of my life. I exercise and eat healthy to take care of my body so that my body can take care of me. Because when I feel good, I want to do good. Thank you Steve for the nudge. I am COMMITTED!

Nandish Desai said...

TBOLITNFL is a movement which is close to my heart.
I am SERVICE to others
I am the most loving husband
I am a student of Life
I am a creator
I am a space for results to happen
Thank you steve hardison for creating this movement and for sharing it with us. I would love to meet you in 2013 to take your blessings

janine renée said...

The fist words gifted to me at birth were Janine Renée. French for ‘Grace of the Goddess reborn'. I expand in gratitude to Steve Chandler, Steve Hardison and Deuce Lutui for rocking my world and inspiring me to stand on the world stage. I commit to my Original Word:

i am the aboriginal afrodiety. i am the primordial jewel. i am beauty’s beloved one. i am quivering truth.
i am loves tsunami. i am fortune adored. i am orgasms oracle. i am desire’s doyen. i am impossible greed. i am motherhoods muse. i am incandescent lust. i am the diamond bleeding pen. i am prosperity’s sweetheart. i am cosmic cuisine. i am liberated miracles. i am inside her shroud. i am the sound of obsession. i am ravished by wealth. i am passions moan. i am a vision in bloom. i am the virgin mary’s silent delight. i am pure irreverence. i am the magic that must. i am the supple surrender that ruins you nude. i am the languor of lovely. i am mesmerizing fun. i am the one lick jedi mystic. i am the ruby sage. i am captivating ignorance. i am bliss’ ballet. i am alchemy’s aura. i am the check in the mail. i am intoxicating possession. i am the edible bitch.

i am the original catalyst. i am the forbidden ninja. i am the benevolent lily. i am the cave of wonders. i am the divas dawn. i am spellbinding thunder. i am cash in hand. i am the serpents’ shadow. i am the luminous black jade of jamu. i am the best friend you ever had. i am the allure of refusal. i am desperately ignoring you. i am epic existence. i am djasi’s time bending mama. i am the succulent lay. i am accepting radical deific intrusion. i am bejeweled by law. i am lavishly worshipped. i am thriving in sisterhood supine. i am devastating elegance. i am receiving abundantly more than i give. i am affectionate intimacy. i am arched back elemental moves. i am the agony you secretly savor. i am the rush, the pull, the draw, the thirst.

i am shaktipat’s oil sculpted seductress. i am humanities most vulnerable feast. i am the impeccable timing of my ancestors. i am doya putih supreme. i am drop to your knees beguiling. i am the enchanting essence. i am the original matrix. i am in exquisite touch with myself. frequently. i am irresistibly harmonized with my peers. i am the easy rich cream at the top. i am cherished pampered and globally adored. i am heaven scented shangri-la. i am the magnificent mom. i am ambushed by opulence. i am shibari’s devotion. i am tender intensity. i am the kiss who dizzies the devil in his den. i am the affluent octave. i am flourishing inside the embrace of my incarnate pride. i am masterfully stroked. i am relished by consorts laying largesse at my feet. i am naked soul opening presence. i am shape shifting communion. i am morality’s distraction. i am she who tastes like the Way.

i am the water bending tickle. i am She who Be. i am quantum magnetism. i am my son’s mouthwatering nurturer. i am swell. i am enjoying fierce upright honest support. i am inaugural glamour. i am the laughing genius among equals. i am dancing ensemble all day. i am my editors pearl. i am majestically bathed by forces of worldwide beautification artists. i am the ambrosia dripping from the finger you dipped in my tantalizing black hole. I am multidimensionally cloaked. i am embedded in nourishing illuminate kula. i am having my way and getting everything i want. i am devouring you with revelation. i am the too much infinity laissez-faire lover. i am sacred for the fuck of it. i am luxury fed. i am the return of the divine mother. i am another yourself. i am listening. i am free.

Richard said...

Commitment is what alters the world and creates.

Here are my Personal Internal Commitments:

I am the ultimate level of committment to my word.
I am the space in which miracles happen.
I am the the space in which my family is safe, secure and loved.
I am the stillness in the storm.
I am committed to live with abundance, stillness, health & wellness.
I am committed to give my time, talents and wealth to others.
I am a Level of Commitment that gives me vision - I see what must occur and I am captivating, charming, and confident as I do whatever needs to be done.
I am a Level of Commitment that accomplishes things that use to be intimidating.
I am committed to growth.
I am serving everyone I meet.
I am committed to express myself fully.
I am committed to bring humor, lightness and clearity.
I am focused on my path.
I am thankful.
I am Rich and I am my word.
I am amazing.

Thank you Steve Hardison for creating this movement.


Arthur said...

I love this story and have also been inspired to create my own PIC:

What I am committed to being:

The best Husband, Father and Coach I am capable of.


I am the Husband and Father that unconditionally loves and abundantly provides for his family.

I am the Coach that powerfully transforms lives and businesses.

I am a fearless Creator whose purpose is to serve and inspire others.

Thanks Deuce & Steve (And Steve C and Rich L for leading me here)


CollectedPerspective said...

I was introduced to this space by Raja Hireker and Steve Chandler. Thank you both.

I AM COMMITTED to being the best, most inspiring copywriter and marketing consultant I can possibly be, by seeing past my own small self and fears and helping others do the same and then communicate that to their customers.

I AM COMMITTED to being the best possible husband to my wife Ana that I can possibly be, exercising patience and kindness but most importantly by LIVING INTO the man I must be for her

I AM COMMITTED to being the best father I can possibly be to my two young children Lucas and Malena whose very existence is a reminder of this miraculous life

I AM COMMITTED to maturing into the man of the whole family so I can support and care for my parents when that time will come

I AM COMMITTED to the process of personal growth and recognise there will be moments of regression because the denying force is also strong. I watch out for those negative thoughts and their accompanying mood spirals and try to let them go. They do not serve me and prevent me from serving others.

I AM COMMITTED to using this brief human experience to learn, love, give, treasure, expand, risk. It is what I am here for.

Thank you Steve H for opening this space for us all to share our commitments.

kristen kridelbaugh said...

I am commitment to bring love and light through dance.

I AM committed to being the best teacher and performer I can be.

I AM committed to being the best dancer in the world.

I Am committed to being the best teacher and choreographer.

I Am committed to having a successful business and traveling the world.

I AM committed to traveling the world adventuring and being the most amazing person ever

I AM committed to my family and showing up full heartly to them.

I AM committed to myself and my community.

I am committed to thriving and having an amazing time in life.

I AM committed to being the best Goddess of love, dance, bliss and yoga.

I AM committed to serving in the highest way I can and help everyone I meet find love even deeper.

I am committed to living the most fun silly love filled life and show up with light overflowing for myself and everyone else.

Alisa Renee' said...

I'm so late but I was touched by Deuce's story and wanted to share my PIC.

I am a writer and a coach who improves the lives and businesses of my clients.
I am successful personally, professionally, and financially.
I am strong, physically fit, and healthy.
I am a dedicated and attentive mother.
I am powerful, smart, and unstoppable. My potential knows no limits.
I am a testimony of God's favor and an inspiration to others.
I am not emotionally bound by money, therefore, it comes easily and plentifully into my life.
I am courageous.
I am organized and efficient.
I am creative and innovative.
I am happy.

Hugh Osborne said...

My PIC - Personal Internal Commitment

Inspired by Duece Lutui - TBOLITNFL.COM

Inspired by Steve Hardison – THEULTIMATECOACH.NET

I am committed to creating Miracles.

I am TMM The Miracle Man.

I am a Miracle.

We all are Miracles.

Each day I commit to living my life as an unfolding of the Miracle that I am.

Each day I commit to serve others in discovering the Miraculous within themselves.

Each day I commit to help others live the Miraculous in daily life.
Each day I commit to create Miracles in work, rest and play.

I am committed to the Miracle that is my family and the love that we share.

I am committed to my clients and the unfolding of the the Miraculous in their lives.

I am committed to my friends and the Miracle that they are.
I am committed to the world and the Miracle that it is.

I am committed to the Miracle that is the grounding of love, authenticity, truth, integrity and wisdom that is at the core of my being – that is the divine spirit at the heart of all things. Without this commitment, no Miracles are possible.

Thank you Duece Lutui for being the Miracle that you are - TBOLITNFL!

Thank you Steve Hardison for being the Miracle that you are – The Ultimate Coach!

Thank you for holding your PIC so strongly and powerfully that I can no longer deny my own. I am TMM. I am The Miracle Man.

I am The Miracle Man. And, to quote the man who inspired all of this, Steve Hardison, “So let it be written…. So let it be done”.

Mel Waller said...

I am the Best Fiance and will be the Best Husband and Father.

I am Building a Publishing Empire that will impact millions of people.

I am a Teacher and will Share my Knowledge to uplift others from their poverty. No One should be left behind because of ignorance.

I am a Loving Force of Worldwide Change.

You Are my Brother, Sister, Mother and Father, Son and Daughter. We are Family. I will Lead my Family Onwards and Upwards.

My Love will Forever Ripple Through Space and Time. Blessings & Love, Mel Waller

Kali Washington said...

Inspired by Duece Lutui, Steve Hardison and Iyanla Vanzant

I AM Kali
An Open, Creative and Powerful Leader
Commitment in Action
The Source of a Transformed World
My life is melodic inspiration that commands me to call forth my nothingness to create that which I choose through my declarations and actions
I AM a Visionary with a heart devoted to serve with love
I AM the best personal and relationship coach and
I AM on purpose

Lynn B Underhill said...

Inspired by Steve Hardison and Duce Lutui

I am a Spirit Warrior
I am a Miracle unfolding
I am a force for Love; Passionate, Playful and Present
I am an Intuitive Coach raising the vibration of Human Consciousness one life at a time
I honor my word
I am courageous and inspiring
I listen to my inner wisdom
I live and love authentically
I see Systems
I am purpose in Action
I coach; Your Freedom TO BE Ignites

Liz Dederer said...

I am a confident woman.
I am the best mother.
I am committed not just in thought, but in action and in my being to a better life for me and my daughter.
I am confidently grounded in my spirituality.
I am proud of my body.
I am a workout warrior.
I am strong.
I am sexy.
I am intelligent.
I am confident in my own skin.
I am a transformative leader.
I am a change agent.
I am a business partner clients are proud of and can count on.
I am the best business coach my clients have ever known.
I am aware.
I am grateful.
I am at peace.
I am love.

Sophia Rosenthal said...

I AM Love.

I AM a Miraculous Individuated Expression of the Divine.

I AM a spark of Genius that lights the way.

I AM Laughter.

I AM the best partner, daughter, sister and friend.

I AM the picture of perfect health.

I AM Confident.

I AM Present in the moment.

I AM Courageous to live my life FULL-OUT!

I AM the best Transformational Life Coach.

I changes lives.

I AM on Purpose.

I AM Success.

I AM Unstoppable.

Only I create my future.

I AM a Miracle.

So it is written and so it is!

Daniel said...

Thank you Steve for your Greatness and thank you Deuce for you PIC and inspiring me.

Anonymous said...

Very inspiring.
My personal internal commitment:

I am a confident, selfless, intelligent human being.

I am the creator of my life, fate, and destiny.

I aim to serve others.

I am the best son
I am the best brother.
I am the best friend.

I am a highly successful individual.

I am one of the top five sales reps in my office.

Wishing everyone the best,

Chris Bragg

Michael J said...

I am the best father for my three wonderful girls.
I am the best husband for my beloved wife.
I am the best speaker, coach and counselor for all who seek my help and guidance.

Primeaux182 said...

Inspired by Deuce, Steve and thanks for Bart Loos for sharing the beautiful video of TBOLITNFL. Being grateful.

I am committed to be TBPMITW.

I am "The Best PeaceMaker In The World".
My whole life is an expression of peace and I a committed to bring peace wherever I go.

I will wake up people to oneness and connect people all over the world.

I don't want anything but to give people something with my stories, my listening and my peaceful presence.

And up until the day I die I am committed to fight for a world that has no war and only peace in it.
I am committed to leave war behind so that the next generations has to find the word "war" in history books because there is only peace present on earth.

Love and Peace,
Sebastian Eck

Jaylee Willis said...

I am Jaylee. I am the happiest, sexiest, and most supportive woman in my husband's world. I am the creator of the best liberal arts mathematics program in the world. I am committed to being a positive difference-maker in the world. I am Jaylee.

Jasbir Arora said...

Steve Hardison sent me the video of Deuce's story and that has inspired me to make My Personal Interal Commiminent;

• I am the best Life Coach
• I coach very powerfully and deeply
• I have a real impact on my clients
• I am very resourceful
• I am working with most interesting, influential and exciting people
• I am successful in anything I do, whoever I work with and anywhere I go
• I am committed to creating magical moments with all my clients
• I am attracting wealth, love and excitement into my life
• I am in good health
• I am growing spiritually
• I attract whatever I wish
• I tell the most powerful and interesting stories
• I change people’s life’s
• I am very creative
• I am born to serve humanity
• I am exciting, entertaining, wisdom, knowledge and humour

James Hollows said...

I forget myself and see only the person in front of me, bathing them in a love so intense they find it hard to comprehend.

I interact with everyone as if they were the only person in the world. I am prepared to give them anything I have and more.

I love fiercely and with a fearless intensity. I am fascinated by people and excited to listen to them letting them know that they are already extraordinary and that I love them.

I am a man of my word, if I say it, it will be done. People feel safe in my truth.

I have no boundaries for how far I will go to be of service.

I provide an environment of safety and absolute truth filled with a boundless love where all who enter have a freedom and permission to be who they are.

I share the successes and beauty of others lives whenever I can so they may be uplifted and supported.

My one single passion is to find a way to help people experience their own miracles.

Every day I ask myself the following questions:

How do I serve?

How can I contribute?

Who would I need to be to really make a difference?

To my clients:

I ask more of you than you would ever ask of yourself and know that you will not let us down.

Javier Andres Peña said...

Parker R Winder sent me the video of Deuce's story and I am glad he did. This story has motivated me to take full control of how I perceive myself. My fire will only come from within and I will not need to search externally.

I am committed to being the best negotiator on the planet.

I am committed to being the cleverest marketer who ever existed.

I am committed to being the most useful man in my community.

I am committed to being the most confident man on earth.

I am committed to being the best salesman alive.

I am committed to becoming a multimillionaire.

I am committed to taking care of my body.

I am committed to continue seeking God.

I am committed to being a good family man.

safirdev said...

I am committed to be a human who is an artist, a warrior, a mad.

Esmeralda Mendoza said...

Live & Serve Being All the Love I AM Beginning with My Son and Following Beyond With No Limits

Jitka Aldhoun said...

I am the best mother - loving, supportive, understanding, patient and calm.
I am the best daughter.
I am the best wife.
I am the best friend.
I am respectful towards everyone and everything.
I have empathy for others.
I am God-loving and God-fearing believer that sets a good example.
I make a positive difference in the community and in the world.