What is becoming known as “The Deuce Lutui Story” is a fascinating story of awakening, empowerment, and transformation. It is about stepping into the power of personal internal commitment. Our experience has been that those who hear or read this story are profoundly moved, not only because they are inspired by Deuce, but also because they see how they can apply the same principles and tap into the power that is theirs and become who they truly want to be. This is the real power of this story: It is your story—or can be.

This is a collection of some of the communications (mostly e-mails) that have streamed between Steve Hardison and Deuce and between Steve and those with whom Steve has shared Deuce’s story. In them, this remarkable story unfolds. They are primarily arranged chronologically, except for the first e-mail which was written on Sept 27. However, since it describes the inception of the Deuce Lutui story, it serves as an apt introduction and thus leads off our collection. Throughout the e-mails, I have inserted some explanatory notes to help clarify and give meaning to the people and/or their communications.

This is truly an exceptional story. While I am tempted to invite you to sit back, read, and enjoy, I think it better to advise you to sit on the edge of your seat, devour every word, and transform your life.

Amy Hardison